What is VitaBond®?

VitaBOND® is an extensive range of both water-based and solvent-based adhesives for use in a variety of product applications and specialist markets.

Our entire range is carefully formulated to ensure all adhesives have the highest bonding capabilities, whilst also being safe and easy to use.

Boasting low-toxicity and environmentally friendly properties, the VitaBond® range of water-based adhesives is a popular choice for industries that value sustainability whilst ensuring strong bonds with a wide range of substrates at all times.

Our solvent-based adhesive products offer maximum bond strength and are typically used in applications where quick-drying and high resistance to water and chemicals are required. They have been specially formulated to adhere to foam, plastic, wood, vinyl and fabric, amongst a wealth of other substrates. VitaBond® solvent-based adhesives include non-flammable, toluene-free, chlorinated and non-chlorinated options to ensure a safe and long-lasting product every time.

Whatever materials are being worked with – packaging, foams, textiles, laminates, roofing or other various substrates, our VitaBond® adhesives can be custom formulated to meet the end-user performance demands and application methods you require.

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What are VitaBOND® products used for?

The VitaBOND® range of water-based and solvent-based adhesives provides product solutions for countless manufacturing needs. Some common applications include:

As well as providing off-the-shelf applications, we can create custom-formulated products to suit individual and specific needs.


A VLP spray gun during operation.

  • Foam and Furniture Bonding
    • Water Based Spray
    • Water Based Roller Coatable
    • Solvent Based Spray (including aerosols)
  • Abrasive Block and Pad Adhesives


  • Industrial Contact Adhesives
  • Roofing Adhesives
  • Flooring Adhesives
  • Packaging Adhesives
  • Toll Manufacturing


What are the benefits of VitaBOND® products?

With a wide range of both off-the-shelf and custom formulations available, the benefits of VitaBOND® products can include:

  • Excellent bond strength
  • Fast drying
  • One-sided stick
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Plasticiser resistance
A VLP employee wearing a hi-vis jacket working in the factory.

Why choose Vita Liquid Polymers?

As with all of the Vita Liquid Polymer ranges, we can specially formulate VitaBond® products to meet your exact and specific application methods and requirements to ensure safe, long-lasting and efficient adhesives. With more than 90 years in the industry, rest assured that our friendly experts can guide you when choosing the best polymer adhesive product for your needs.


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