What is VitaCHEM®?

Our VitaCHEM® products encompass a wide range of water-based products of natural and synthetic latex polymer compounds, along with chemical dispersions and emulsions.

Synthetic latex polymers are formed by polymerising a monomer in water and formulated to create a stable emulsion. Numerous types of synthetic polymers are available including Styrene Butadiene (SBR), acrylic (ACN), Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), polychlorprene (PC) etc, all of which have their own unique performance properties and physical characteristics.

Natural rubber latex is an organic polymer that is tapped from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. Although naturally occurring, the natural latex can be modified or refined to create a range of various grades which include varying stabilizer levels/types, low protein content and more uniform particle size.

Chemical dispersions and emulsions are typically used as additives or modifiers within polymer compounds to impart specific properties i.e. improved ageing resistance/flame retardancy etc. VLP manufacture both dispersions (mixtures of solid particles suspended in a liquid) and emulsions (mixtures of two immiscible liquids that an emulsifying agent stabilises), both of which can be used internally within our compounds and are commercially available.

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What are VitaCHEM® products used for?

Thanks to their unique and unparalleled properties, our VitaCHEM® products have a wide range of uses across many different industries. Some common applications include:

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  • Cationic & anionic latex for polymer modification of bitumen emulsions
  • Flooring Compounds
    • Gel and non-gel foam compounds
    • Latex carpet / rug backing compounds 
    • Foam / crumb binders for underlay
    • Flame Retardant Aircraft carpet backings
    • Carpet tile backing / precoats
    • Primary carpet backing
    • Secondary carpet backing
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  • Foam impregnation lattices
  • Drum / can-sealing compounds
  • Chemical Dispersions and Additives
    •  Antioxidants
    • Cure Compounds
    • Coagulant Systems (for dipping lattices, including nitrile gloves)
  • Other speciality compounds

Custom Applications

As well as providing off-the-shelf applications, we’re able to create custom design products to suit individual and specific needs. So far, we’ve supplied VitaCHEM® products for exciting custom applications, including:

  • Cationic latex for road surfacing
  • Pre-vulcanised latex for dental products
  • Pre-vulcanised latex for neck and wrist rubber seals on marine diving suits
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What are the benefits of VitaCHEM® products?

With a wide product range and formulations tailored to customer requirements the benefits of VitaCHEM® products are often user-specific, but can include the:

  • High organic/sustainable content from natural latex
  • High tensile strength and elongation
  • Flame retardancy
  • Superior ageing performance
  • Low water absorption
  • Customer-specified solids content
  • Customer-specified particle size (dispersions)
  • Processing characteristics fine-tuned to a customers line

Why choose Vita?

At Vita, we understand that our customers have specific and varied needs. Whatever the requirement, we’re able to create novel compounds or modify existing compounds to match your application requirements precisely.

Contact the team today to chat through the VitaChem® and other Vita Liquid Polymers ranges and discover how we can add value and efficiency to your projects.


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