What is VitaPur®?

VitaPUR® 5000 combines a range of versatile and high-performance MDI (4,4’ Diphenylmethane di-isocyanate) based prepolymer binders for use in rebond applications and polyether-based polyurethane elastomers for use in various grass backing and industrial applications.

The range has been specifically designed to provide easy processability and excellent physical properties for applications requiring high strength and durability.

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What are VitaPur® products used for?

Although a highly versatile material, VLP has targeted the development of VitaPUR® 5000 products around synergies with The Vita Group in rebonded foam and flooring markets to achieve optimum product performance.  The primary VitaPUR® 5000 products are used for:

Two small pieces of artificial grass stacked displaying the top and underside.

Artificial Grass-Backing: To complement The Vita Group’s offering of RevoSport’s Shockpad, the VitaPUR® 5000 range is often used to form PU grass-backing compounds. PU-based artificial grass backings possess higher strength and superior temperature resistance than other technologies. PU technologies can also be processed at lower production line temperatures, resulting in faster dry times and reduced energy consumption.


The cross section of VLP Novus Bedding.

Rebonded Foam: MDI binders are used in the production of rebond foam which can be used to manufacture carpet underlay, mattresses, sports mats or seating inners. The products provide a high degree of toughness while maintaining great flexibility and can be tailored to help achieve the desired hardness.

Some key benefits of the VitaPUR® 5000 range can include:

  • High tensile strength and flexibility
  • Excellent substrate adhesion
  • Good wet out
  • Controlled pot life
  • Enhanced processing stability
  • Reduced processing costs
A VLP Employee stood smiling amongst machinery in the factory.

Why choose Vita Liquid Polymers?

Manufactured in the UK and with delivery in drums to road tankers, VLP can supply our VitaPUR® 5000 products in quantities to suit your volume requirements.

VLP take a customer-centric approach to all our product ranges and can custom design our VitaPUR® products specifically to the customer’s end property or processing needs.

For more information about our range of VitaPUR® systems, please contact our team.

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