Our Position on Sustainability

Since 1932, Vita Liquid Polymers has been manufacturing and supplying technologically advanced polymer products that enhance performance and provide innovative solutions. Almost a century later, whilst our commitment to providing high-quality liquid polymer products remains, our technologies and techniques have continued to evolve. And now, more than ever, we recognise the importance of prioritising sustainable practices. As our products continue to adapt, so too must our environmental approaches. 

We understand that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, and as such, we’re proud to introduce our range of environmentally friendly initiatives that contribute to a greener, cleaner future.

By investing in more environmentally friendly practices today, we’re proud to work towards a greener future. You can learn more about The Vita Group’s approach to sustainability by downloading our 2022 Sustainability Report here

Find out more about our sustainable journey on The Vita Group website

How We Practice Sustainability

One area of significant focus is the introduction of natural raw materials in our everyday polymer production, especially the implementation of natural rubber. Natural rubber is a renewable, bio-degradable resource, making it a more environmentally friendly option than synthetic rubber, often derived from petrochemicals.

Natural rubber is a vital ingredient in the production of Vita Liquid Polymers’ latex paints, adhesives and coatings, contributing to liquid polymers that champion great flexibility, elasticity and strength. We’re proud to source our natural rubber from sustainable sources and help minimise the reliance on non-renewable petroleum-based materials.

To help reduce the reliance on single-use plastics, Vita Liquid Polymers has been implementing recycled plastic materials within some of our compounds. This is one part of our ongoing campaign to reduce the amount of harmful and restricted raw materials entering the environment.

Another is the introduction of water-based technologies within our adhesive applications and manufacturing processes. By minimising the amount of solvent required, we can offer a more environmentally friendly alternative that protects the environment and our employees while managing equipment and components. Compared to solvent-based processes, water-based processes can be carried out at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, making them a much safer and more efficient process.

We’re proud to lead a re-engineering programme for our existing customers that details how to improve efficiencies and reduce waste throughout the product manufacturing process.

As we continue to introduce and implement more environmentally friendly practices in our sustainability journey, we will look at developing further raw material alternatives and lower carbon impact polymers for our adhesive, latex and prepolymer product ranges.

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