Latex capability at VLP for PPE manufacturers

29 May 2020

Disruptions in the supply chain for nitrile latex gloves have become an issue in the fight against Covid-19. These disposable gloves are a critical component of PPE in the Covid-19 crisis and have predominately been manufactured in the Far East over the last 20 years. With significantly increased global demand and general disruptions to the supply chain, current demand is creating a potential need for European sourced gloves.

VLP-News-Nitrile gloves.jpg

Vita Liquid Polymers (VLP) can manufacture and supply essential dispersions, required for the production of nitrile latex gloves. As with all its products, VLP will tailor the formulation to the customer’s precise needs. Starting production of nitrile gloves is a significant undertaking for a business and VLP is able to support, having 50 years’ experience in supply of latex and dispersions in the dipping industry. Please contact us for further information on