Improving our performance in the warehouse

02 Jun 2017

VLP is undertaking a project to improve the performance of our warehouse.

Our new warehouse supervisor Matt Draper has led this development since the start of 2017.

Matt has been with VLP since 2006 starting initially as a production operator. To coincidewith the change, he has started on a leadership training program run by Steve Honour.

The warehouse is at the heart of the mixing operations at VLP and is home to over 400 RM & packaging items. Having a safe and efficient wareho use is key to ensuring we deliver value and service to our customers, with whom we often work on lead times of 24 hours from order to manufacture and delivery.

In order to deliver this improvement, Matt is using tools such as ‘six honest serving men’, 5 whys and PDCA to solve some of the operational issues and encourage operator engagement. Matt is also helping to manage business performance while helping with stock control and cash management. A key factor is the use of data to resolve known issues rather than just rely on personal opinion and fire-fighting.

As well as looking at the flow and movement of materials from a lean perspective, the project also looks to improve the manual handling issues within the area. It also seeks to control the people and FLT interaction to ensure that busy areas remain incident-free.

The first stage of the project is now complete and the remainder is scheduled for Q3.

Well done, Matt and the team! We look forward to seeing the results.



Matt Draper, Warehouse Supervisor