VLP is a 'world class' performer for its customers

02 Apr 2016

world-class-performer-1.jpgIn 2015 VLP, Vita's liquid compounding company in Wythenshawe Manchester, conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The survey looked at feedback from the VLP's top 30 customers (10 for its latex products, 10 for PVC products and 10 Vitabond).

The responses were scored on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 means the customer would not recommend VLP to another company and 10 where the customer would not hesitate to recommend VLP. The top score of 10 was selected by 15 customers; 9 was selected by 5 customers and 7 or 8 selected by the remainder, with no score lower than 7. The 2015 scores equated to a net promoter score of 87%, compared with 79% in the previous year.

Supply Chain Integration Manager Dave Gartside said

"It was an excellent result again. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing efforts in achieving 'world class' status in terms of quality and service to our customers."

As a development of survey and to 'drill down' into the scores, Dave will visit a number of key UK-based customers during the course of the year to go through a number of specific areas to obtain a more detailed perception of how VLP is performing and how it can improve.

Speaking about the work, Business Manager John Hannah said 'Our plan for 2016 is to take this 'base' and expand it to ask about OTIF, value for money, technical development, quality, packaging, customer service, representation and areas for improvement with our top 40 customers by volume/value.'