Safety stays a top priority

12 Jun 2012

At all Vita company sites safety remains our number one priority for employees, contractors and visitors alike.

As a result, at VLP we have recently introduced a more robust and comprehensive system for recording near misses. Why? Because near miss reporting, though not a statutory requirement, is a good safety management practice. A near miss is an incident, accident or emergency that did not result in an injury. Recording these can help to prevent a re-occurrence of that incident and to identify any weaknesses in our operational procedures. What's more, a review of near misses over time can reveal patterns from which lessons can be learned and improvements being made.

Our aim to continue to ensure that our factories are accident free and maintain the progression we have made in terms of our overall health and safety performance over the last 5 years.

We are also delighted to report that VLP Poland is one of the Vita Group sites that has gone more than 1,000 days without an LTA.